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The Go!Control Panel

Finally! The future of energy management combined with home security has arrived! has partnered with 2Gig Technologies and introduces Go!Control, the first all-in-one security and energy management system. This wireless system provide up to 48 zones of protection for the security of your homes and business.

The system offers the following exclusive features not available on typical security systems:

Color touch-screen interface.

Go!Control intuitive LCD touch-screen is a user-friendly interface providing you all the information you need easily and effectively.

Cellphone radio transmitter.

Because your system is connected to our UL Certified monitoring station via a dedicated and encrypted cellphone link, it eliminates the vulnerabilities of a hard-wired phone line. It provides you with the most reliable communication option available in the industry.

Built-in Z-Wave RF Protocol. customers are able to control lights, thermostats, and other Z-Wave compatible appliances in their home or business right from the panel, Smart phone, or Internet connected computer. No need for additional hardware† - it's all contained within the Go!Control panel. However, additional Z-Wave equipments are available from to control your appliances. For example, if you want to control your HVAC system trough the GO!Control panel, you will need a GO!Control compatible thermostat.

Integrated two-way voice.

Go!Control panel allows the central monitoring station to listen in and talk to the homeowner when a signal is received. Operators can hear crackling fire, distressed or ill homeowners, or unsuspecting burglars and can quickly dispatch emergency services. This service is available at additional cost.

"Crash & Smash" Protection

"Crash & Smash" detection technology patented and provided by is available on your Go!Control panel. This new feature takes intrusion protection to a whole new level. With “Crash & Smash”, customers have the benefits of false alarm reduction and can rest assured that if a "Crash & Smash" happens at their property, the central station will still be notified.

Most security systems have built-in entry delays and alarm reporting delays to ensure that customers have enough time to disarm their systems upon entering their property, before an alarm is tripped and an alarm signal is sent to the central station. This functionality is critical to reducing the incidence of false alarms and unneeded emergency response. Unfortunately, these delays give intruders more time to locate and destroy the security control panel - also known as a "Crash & Smash" event - before it has successfully transmitted the alarm to the central station.

NOTE: Some remote connectivity services described above requires low monthly subscription fees.

Additional peripherals to your Go!Control panel
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