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How It Works

The system is different in many ways from legacy traditional security systems on the market. From the Internet or your Web-enabled phone, at you can view and control your system remotely while you're away from home. Arm and Disarm your system, control your lights and thermostats and even set up and manage your user codes! Monitor potentially hazardous areas in your home, keep track of your teenager when you're out of town, and find out when the cleaners came to your home through event notifications and/or video clips kept on our servers. The system and servers will log a 60 day history of your property. You can receive notifications via SMS and/or e-mail on your Web-enabled phone. Also receive notifications for power failures, sensor tampers/malfunctions, and other system events.


Let's be clear: almost everyone knows that alarm signals are being transmitted through the regular phone line. The burglar knows that too! They will cut the exposed phone line outside your property before breaking in!! So what happened to your protection? Can you rely on the exterior siren, if you have one? Most people don't have an exterior siren because neighbors will not call police unless the situation is very obvious.

We provide a different kind of communication link which is more secure: GSM communication which cannot be cut or tampered with.


Your system does not require a regular phone line, which anyway are about to disappear within the next few years, as per AT&T request to the FCC.

Our system uses state of the art encrypted wireless communication technology preventing burglars from tampering with your POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) or landline, the usual communication link to the monitoring station. Also, no VoIP line, (internet phone line) is needed. All systems come with a backup power supply in case of power outage.


Additionally, your system allows you to save money on your energy bill by automatically controlling lights and temperature when you’re away from home. Moreover, many people keep their “POTS” line activated for their alarm communication link to the monitoring station even if they do not use it for calling anymore. This expense of more than per month can be eliminated with your system.

This is more than just your average legacy system and prices are about as low if not lower than your current alarm company services.

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