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"emPower" – Home Automation and Energy Management "emPower" solution is what you need to remotely control the energy consumption at your property with any PC, Mac or Web-enabled devices. Now you can easily manage your lights and thermostat settings remotely, at anytime. "emPower" provide you better comfort and great savings!

Effortless Energy Management

Fully connected with the rest of your home, Energy Management from is far more advanced than any stand-alone thermostat. Our award-winning solution makes managing your energy use easy. Energy Management services learns your activity patterns and adapts to your needs, automatically. It’s a smarter, simpler way to save money and stay comfortable.

Geo-Services Never forget to change your schedule again. services can use your location to automatically adjust your thermostat to save energy when you’re gone and re-set for comfort when you are on your way home.

Activity Patterns The connection to your security system makes your thermostat exponentially smarter. Using information from all of your sensors – door and windows opening, motion, arming and disarming – the system learns your patterns and make a personal recommendation for optimal energy performance. More information means better performance.

Extreme Temps Save money automatically on extremely hot or cold days. Have your thermostat automatically adjust a few degrees up on hot days and down on cold days. You won’t feel the difference but your wallet will.

Warm it up or cool it down

You can also reduce your energy usage without sacrificing comfort. "emPower" solution makes your thermostats smarter, and uses triggers like the time of day, day of week and the status of the security system to make your property run more efficiently.

Get anytime / anywhere access to your thermostats through Internet or Web-enabled phone, receive real-time alerts when a thermostat setting is changed or the temperature goes out of range. You can easily control all of your thermostat settings through our user-friendly website and mobile apps. Each system supports up to 4 "emPower" thermostats.

Control the lights...from anywhere

You can create custom light schedules, event-triggered lighting rules that are designed to fit your lifestyle. With "emPower", you can set lights to turn on or off:

  • at a specific time each day
  • when the security system is armed or disarmed
  • when specific doors are opened and closed
  • when there's motion activity in a room or hallway
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